Buying an interstate vehicle is easier than you think, surprisingly it can sometimes be easier than buying local - it's a great way to get the exact car you’ve been looking for at the best price.
Technology has made it possible for you to choose the car of your dreams and buy it online sitting hundreds or thousands of kilometres away and it can all be done in the comfort of your own home… and with Car Plans Australia, with no risk.

Here are some things you will need to consider when purchasing a vehicle interstate:

Should I get an Independent Inspection? How does it work and who pays?

A small fee for the Independent Inspection is paid by the prospective buyer to the engaged inspector. The inspection is carried out and a full written report is provided to the prospective buyer directly. The Independent Inspector will also ring the prospective buyer and inform them of the condition of the vehicle and overall inspection results.

Any warranty items and other minor items will be addressed and on agreement from both parties, rectified by Car Plans Australia prior to despatching the vehicle. Any items such as evidence of previous major accidents or invasive rust, both of which are seen by us as not acceptable will result in full refund of deposit and cancellation of the agreement.

What about Registration and Stamp Duty?

Registration and Stamp Duty is usually paid at the residing state of the buyer with fees and timing deadlines set down by their own States Roads Dept. It is generally an easy process which in most cases can be orchestrated and directed by local Roadworthy Representatives.

Who pays and arranges the Transport?

We will provide you with options and quotations for Transport, in most cases we use drive on – drive off Car Carriers' door to door but sometimes delivery to remote areas can be difficult and a rendezvous at a neighbouring town has to be negotiated. We can arrange everything and it can normally take 4 – 10 days and includes full insurances for up to $60,000.

What about if I want to drive my New Car Home

Car Plans Australia is approximately 250 metres from Seven Hills Railway Station, if you are flying up we can arrange to pick you up from Sydney Airport. All vehicle safety and Roadworthy checks happen as a matter of course so no problem driving one of our cars home and if the current registration has lapsed or is due to expire we can organise a 7 day permit… relax, we do this all the time, you’re in good hands.

Background Check

A Car History Report is a must if you are Buying a Vehicle sight unseen, Car History supplies buyers with valuable information on the car they are considering to purchase…the good news is Car Plans Australia supplies this report Free Of Charge on all of our Vehicles.

  • Vehicle financial liability check
  • VIN validation
  • Damages, stolen status and written off check
  • Vehicle Buyback Insurance
  • Vehicle valuation and registration details
  • Sales price and odometer reading comparison
  • Previous sale information
  • ANCAP safety and emission ratings

Gone are the days of buying from your local dealer and compromising on the car you really want… and on the price, if we have the car you've been looking for and you live a long way away don't worry, just give us a call…

Have any questions?

Our knowledgeable representatives can answer all of your questions and offer advice about all the aspects of interstate car delivery.

Call us on (02) 9674 8500 to speak to our sales representative today.
Interstate Delivery