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** Attention all serious Ford Collectors **

Just occasionally something very special comes along... like the very last V8 Ute ever manufactured by Ford in Australia ** Still Brand New with only 350 kms ** All Documentation from Ford Australia will be provided **

Ford Facts

Falcon Utes in the V8 ceased production in XL, XLS and RTV variants

Falcon Utes ceased production in the XR8 variant
Ford continued to manufacture V8 Falcon Utes through their FPV arm

FPV ceased production in 2014 with the very last run of 500 GT Falcon Sedans and 120 Pursuit Utes

** NB ** Number 500 of 500 in the Sedan here in Australia sold at auction for $236,100 (yet V8 Falcon Sedans continued in the form of XR8 and XR8 Sprint until 2016)

This Ute is number 120 of 120 and V8 Falcon Utes were never made again after this one...

** Surprisingly it is available to buy on the open market **
  • Octane
  • Manual
  • Utility
  • 350 kms
  • Petrol - Premium ULP
Video Available
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